Monday, June 2, 2008

More Recap: Lil Wayne at Love last Thursday

I put up pictures earlier this week from Lil Wayne's performance at Love (1350 Okie Street NW) but I got more's quite hilarious:

(Photo Credit: Chelsea Bland)

Sources say Weezy didn't take the stage until 1:30 AM (which is normal for Love's standards) and apparently...and this ish is crazy: someone peed by the stage. Big Tigger, of course, had to point out that triflin mess...y'all we gotta' do better!

Oh but it gets worse, so supposedly someone then proceeded to throw a water bottle at Lil Wayne. LOL. Not funny..well kinda'. Of course Wayne asks, ” Which one of you b&$%# threw that bottle at me? It’s alright though, they threw stones at Jesus. ”

B&$%# and Jesus should never go in the same sentence. Not Fab!