Friday, June 27, 2008

Mini Recap: Thursday's at The Park at 14th

Last night, I got to The Park (920 14th St. NW) early to secure a table to get my grub on...after last week when I was salivating at everyone else's plate, I was determined to get my crab cakes with a side of macaroni and cheese. It was no doubt delish. Other favorites were the rib eye with loaded baked potato but the shrimp, scallop and lobster pasta was too spicy and just didn't go well with any cocktail or glass of wine so skip that. Click here to view the menu.

The atmosphere was very chills, with everyone's eyes glued to the big screens on the second floor to watch the beggining of the NBA draft. I'm not that into sports so my friends and I just rated how cute they were...

Shout out to DMV's Michael Beasley (went to NDP) who was drafted to the Miami Heat! There's plenty of parties in his honor this weekend...

I left around 8 but the partied continued all night...look who showed up:

(Photo: Washington Wizard's Andray Blatche with friends and fans)

And of course the 'hardest working' promoter out there Kavon...We see you.

p.s. Oh! And I have to say this...if you're coming to The Park between the hours of 5-7, please leave your "I'm-staying-all-night-so-I-put-on-my-Freekum-Dress-now" look in the car...because that's just what it looks like and it ain't cute. Thanks.