Friday, June 20, 2008

The Fab! Rundown | The Saturday Night Edition

So in my effort to keep you better up to date on weekend activities, here are my Saturday night picks (Thanks to S. Breezy for calling me out and making me get my act together):

>> Sayo has been very consistent in bringing a good looking crowd to Penang (1837 M Street NW) and he wouldn't have it any other way... Cuz you will get denied if you're not fly. I also hear he's having an open bar until midnight. To get on the guestlist click here!

>>Whenever this monthly party rolls around, Olives (1600 K Street NW) is always filled to capacity with DC's sociables. This month, the boys have created a very unique theme: Technicolor. I hear they'll be a Ciroc open bar, a lounge sponsored by Vitamin Water, some major ballers (GROUPIE ALERT!) and there are rumors floating that the sexiest dark skinned brother I know will be in the building...Idris Elba (remember who told you first!) :)

>> Want groupie love? These people do...Seesinz from Flava of Love 3 and DeShawn Stevenson are hosting Saturday night at H20 (800 Water Street).

Those will be the best parties in the city... So yea, nothing else to say about that.

Happy weekend :)