Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Video Recap: Listening Party for Rebecca Dupas

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a very private and intimate listening party for up and coming poet Rebecca Dupas. Born in Louisiana (she still has her southern drawl...sometimes) but raised in the DMV, Rebecca's poems were honed in Baltimore (she went to Towson U) and influenced by her family, particularly her sisters and her students (she's a school teacher as well) who challenge her everyday.

Here are some snippets of her performances. If you don't want to watch all of them my favorite is "Take Me As I Am". 

"Long Enough" (which is also the title of her sophomore album)

"Strong Black Woman"

"Dreamchild" (this poem was inspired by her students that she teaches)

"Heaven Speaks" (Clearly about God, Rebecca ministers to us in the poem)

"Black Man" (Luv this poem...sistas we need to support and not tear down all the time and brothers y'all need to do the same...no forreal!)

And one of my favorite pieces because it resonated so much with me is her poem "Take Me As I Am"

Special shout out to Mtokufa of Crocodile's Tear Management, Gerald Barnes of BnP cuped Enterprise (who snapped photos everrrry chance he got), Rob Byrd with The Usual Suspectz and Matt Garcell of PickUp Sucess@Night.