Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recap: Lauriol Plaza does Cinco de Mayo

What did you do last night? If you weren't watching Gossip Girl then you should have been out celebrating Cinco de Mayo!! The city was buzzing with spirited pride...although I think most of us weren't of Mexican decent.

I decided I'd celebrate my Cinco de Mayo at one of DC's noted Tex Mex restaurant/bar, Lauriol Plaza. Walking up on Lauriol, it looked like the party was outside...It was crowded (you couldn't take a step without getting bumped into), and people were snacking on complimentary nachos while carrying around pitchers of frozen magaritas. We all know I'm an apple martini girl, but I decided I'd join the festivities with a frozen magarita of my own!

(Photo: The line inside LP in front of the hostess table...)

People waited for two hours to get seated somewhere inside or outside of Lauriol. I can't even remember how long we waited because we were too busy having a good time.

Everything worked: the bartenders were nice (a little flirtatious tho'), the people were friendly and wanted to mingle and even do the whole exchange of the business card thing.

(Photo: DCFab! with some DCFab! fans)

Every ten seconds you heard people cheering from the rooftop; we were on the patio...(OMG, why did some randoms eat my quesadillas!!!! I was at another table chatting it up when I look over to see my quesadilla in somebody's mouth...I was salty.)

Still, I don't know if it was the frozen magaritas or the spirit of Mexico that made everyone so friendly but I'd definitely suggest stopping by LP next year!

p.s. the after party was at Fly (1802 Jefferson Pl NW)!