Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recap: Glow in the Dark Tour | Kanye | Rihanna | NERD | Lupe

Like most people who attended the Glow in the Dark Tour at Nissan Pavilion (yes, VA finally gets luv from DC Fab! and mad props; this was the biggest audience he's performed for since the tour started at 21,000 fans) unless you left at 3:30 PM you probably missed most of the concert..I def didn't get there until I heard Rihanna covering a Lauryn Hill the way Rihanna is simply gorgeous.  

However, I did hear that Chris Brown, Rihanna's boo popped out on stage during N.E.R.D.'s set but failed to make an appearance to do the remix of "Umbrella" (although I'm glad he didn't...sorry Chris...I don't like the remix...Cinderella is for kids)

Anyway, after walking up 1000 stairs only to have to walk back down them and across muddy grass and through people screaming and trying to sing along to Rihanna's "Unfaithful" we finally found our seats to enjoy my Rih-Rih favs like "Please Don't Stop the Music" and "Umbrella".

(Photo: Rih-Rih on stage...)

And after a 20 minute intermission, which was spent catching up with other people that I knew attended the concert (Shout out to 50!!!) and spotting BET's Stephen HillRaheem DeVaughn and Kevin Liles, Kanye's set started with "Good Morning", a song off of his latest album Graduation.

(Photo: Kanye...not a good pic. Sorry y'all)

Kanye's set was "creative and imaginative" (Thanks Shamera for helping me gather my thoughts...). His concert was outer-space themed complete with a spaceship named Jane. 

Dressed like Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element (with tennis shoes to match), Kanye incorporated each song into what seemed like more of a theatrical production rather than a music concert. He never stepped off stage to take a breather...once he started his set he never stepped a foot off (AMAZING!!!)...with his background dancers and singers performing in the wings (although I did wish they coulda' got a little bit more shine).

(Photo: Fans reppin' the Dynasty)

I was in constant awe of the set (mad props to the lighting director) and Kanye's energy kept me engaged although the temperature in VA was making it hard to enjoy the show (yes, I stay wearing open toe cold!). Kanye showed off his producing skills, remixing and refining every song for the concert...brilliant.

His last song, "Touch the Sky" ended with a banger; Lupe came out and joined him, ending the show on a high note...although most smart people were already in the car trying to get out of the parking lot (I know I was...). RIDICULOUS!

Stay fab y'all :)