Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recap: Dt Continues Black Ice Series

Last night, I dragged my sick self out of bed because I try to be a woman of my word and be somewhere that I promised to be. I admit, I haven't been to Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) in about a month. It was getting kind of hood and not that I mind that...(I can hang with the best of them) but I was just looking for something different.

After midnight, the line wasn't swelling over into the streets as I remembered but I tried to think positive. Walking in, I noticed people (good) and that ice sculpture, which is supposed to signify Dt's latest series of parties, dubbed "Black Ice". Tonight had a 'splash of Miskeen' and (I admit)...I thought, is Miskeen a color I've never heard of?! I'm smart but I don't know everything...After googling it, it turns out to be a mix between fashion, art and pop culture. I like it.

(Photo: The first floor dance area at Cafe it wasn't packed but it gave you just enough room to get cute and dance harder)

(Photo: Ed "Coso" Joseph, a Miskeen artist, doing his thing on a model inside the party)

I found it interesting that DJ Alizay (who is now one of my absolute do you manage to play all my favorite songs in one set?!) who usually rocks the crowd from the first floor was scratching upstairs in VIP. doesn't make much sense to me. We all know VIP never gets poppin' like that and doesn't a DJ wanna see how he's moving the crowd? Still, it didn't stop the partygoers below who took Alizay's move as more room to dance. And I'm sure the VIPers felt extra special cuz it felt like they were in a private party all to themselves.

Shout out to WKYS' Ill Will and Ra Ra on the mic who kept the crowd hype all night.

(Photo: DJ Alizay rockin' it out in VIP)

(Photo: Partygoers unaware of where Alizay went...doesn't look like they cared)

By 2 AM for some reason it looked emptier on the first floor...did everyone squeeze their way into VIP or just leave? Probably the latter, although you would think Alizay's tunes kept the place rocking close to 3 AM. 

And one of my favorite aspects of Cafe Asia is the unisex bathroom but I have to represent for the girls who like to reapply, re-strap, re-button and move some things around in the bathroom at the club. I couldn't help but giggle when homegirl said, "There's dudes in here I can't even fix my d&$% bra!" Boo, next time just go into the stall...or make it a fashion statement! :)

I had fun...sniffles and all...