Monday, May 12, 2008

Mini-Recaps: The Park at 14th | Penang | Olives

By midnight, The Park at 14th (920 14th Street NW) was packed with a line outside to match. If you were lucky and had a table you got right in. Otherwise, you were shivering outside, enduring the dropping temperature. Inside, wall to wall people showed off their latest threads. With a boughie atmosphere to match The Park's sparkling ambiance the only bad thing about The Park is it's desire to cater to everyone so one minute you're dancing to your fav tunes while the next minute you're wishing you were somewhere else. Shout out to Innocent who celebrated his birthday here! :) 

Sayo and Esby Inc. hosted another party at Penang (1837 M Street NW). A great day to host a party, many were out celebrating a graduation or two. By the time I arrived at Penang (around 2) everyone was drunk...or on their way. Shout out to my 'best friend' Jeremy who celebrated his bday here! Sayo wanted to transform Penang from it's rustic interior to a super swank atmosphere. I'm not sure if he succeeded but at least the bar was cleaner and I did notice some 'flower arrangements' on the table...and you couldn't miss the tent...I don't know. Some called the party cliquish, mostly friends enjoying friends while others called it a Mai Thai Pt. 2. Regardless, people are still going to come out to a Sayo production so I'm def looking forward to the next one.

Olives (1600 K Street NW), which (thankfully) brings a different (and slightly older) crowd out on the scene, popped off. An extra special Happy Birthday goes to Miles! :) Sorry I couldn't make to come I'm sure!

p.s. Stay dry y'all...I'm so sick of this rain...
p.s.s. Joi-Marie. This extra since 1999. (And Roy I don't need no smart co-signage here!)