Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LVMH Opens The Park at 14th

So LVMH and Triple Crown are opening The Park at Fourteenth (920 14th St NW) tonight. Although this spot has been around for a minute, they're having a big event tonight to celebrate this swanky spot.

With $5 cocktails and food between 5-7 PM...y'all they're going all out with the filet mignon, crab cakes, grilled jumbo shrimp and even blacken salmon for only FIVE DOLLARS. Now that's what I call saving your money during a recession! :)

RSVP here to get in free although I coulda' swore there was no cover for this place...

p.s. UMD graduates should come here...only if tomorrow's graduation isn't too early and the parents ain't complaining they haven't seen you...

*UPDATE* Apparently, approximately 2000 people have already RSVPd. Y'all need to stop sleeping and get there dumb early.