Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dolla at Love | Miskeen at Cafe Asia

Like everybody else I have no idea who Dolla is or what he sings/raps/whatever but he'll be at Love (1350 Okie Street) tonight. I guess we can all find out then...oh yea, it's 18+ so check her ID before you get them digits! :)

Miskeen is getting mad love from Mitch and crew over at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) tonight. Never heard of them? Click on the link...kind of like fashion meets art. Good stuff. 

I'll be around tonight...I felt so horrible last night I was in the bed with tissues, water and Nyquil Sinus...aight enough about me. See ya around I'm sure! :)

*smiley faces after all of her phrases/either she the one or I'm caught in the matrix*