Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Clipse at Fur | Flo-rida Returns to Love

If you like music then stop by Fur (33 Patterson Street NE) or Love (1350 Okie Street NW) tonight:

The Clipse will be at Fur tonight. I've only been to Fur one time, spent 5 minutes there and left...It's definitely a younger crowd and can be fun I'm sure. (Shout out to DMV Events and LGI Entertainment!!) Go see for yourself.

UMD's fashion forward folks, the Echelon Fashion Society (shout out to Alonzo and Nikki and Shakirah) is having their fashion show tonight and are partying after at Love.  Flo-rida will be joining them as he's performing in the District one more time...(shawty get low low low lowwwww)

p.s. For the groupies, I hear Antawn Jamison will be in the building...