Friday, April 11, 2008

Recap: Is Be Bar the new "it" spot on Thursdays?

Sources tell me that Be Bar (1318 9th Street NW) was poppin' last night! It started off slow but by  high time (around midnight), both floors were packed. This was the first edition of "Splash Thursdays" at Be Bar (this venue is better known as a Gay club [I really want to check out Drag Bingo on Tuesdays] but has opened up to show some love to the heteros as well).

Spotted were Lamont Jordan of the Oakland Raiders and Taz of Marc&Taz (of Love nightclub) who I hear was showing off, poppin' 4 bottles...he must have had a good night. 

Sources say, it's like Cloud...y'all remember Cloud in Dupont? I misssss Cloud!!! 

Shout out to my bruh Vonnie J for successfully promoting this spot. :)