Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recap: Fred Smoot's Birthday at Josephines

::A BIG FAT SIGH:: What shall I say about last night...okay fine, the decor in Josephines (1008 Vermont Ave. NW) is breathtaking. Clap it up for the interior designer because I was in love with the chandeliers and the funky, retro chic wall paper. The place made you feel like you were some place besides McPherson Square, which is where all of the latest 'it' spots seem to be poppin' up.

Yes, the DC socialites (Patrice B. of ActiveRG.netQueenie I see you mama!...Jason Moore...) were out as I warned you but where was Fred

Spotted were Clinton Portis who seemed to be buying shots for a couple of ladies but after the hoopla around him died down no could find good ole Fred...hmmm. Happy Birthday, I guess.

DJ Trini had me at hello but disappointed me by the end of the night. Perhaps because I'm an 80s baby...or maybe because I'm just too young to appreciate the classics but enough with the old school!!! If nobody is dancing...that's your cue. SWITCH! Still, the 30 and over crew was in there gettin' it like they finally got a babysitter to watch the kids all night. 

Shout out to 'baby Kimora', Audie who was in the place. (Congrats again on getting into Fordham Law!)