Friday, April 4, 2008

Recap: DeShawn Stevenson's Birthday Party at Collaborations

Recap special to DCFab!
by Shakirah Hill
April 3, 2008

The 80s babies were in full effect last night at Collaborations (The Verizon Center's new private lounge...I hear membership will run you $30,000 for two people) to celebrate DeShawn Stevenson's 27th birthday, thrown by none other than the Washington Wizards.

(Photo: DeShawn Stevenson in full 80s gear enjoying his birthday party. Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

Lord knows I hated 80s fashion but I must say everyone looked great...kudos to everyone for bringing the 80s back tastefully. Big shout out to Gilbert Arenas for rocking the Gucci circa 1984. A night hosted by WPGC's Big Tigger, this 80s themed party was complimented well by the sounds of a Hip-hop legendary Biz Markie who rocked the 80s hits all night.

(Photo: Gilbert Arenas in his old school 80s gear. Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

The party featured an arcade including our fav 80s games: Pacman and Tetris...yes,
Tetris! There were vases filled with all of your favorite candy from the 80s, including ring pops, candy necklaces and Pop Rocks! What you know about them Pop Rocks? They even had the Twister game going... it was crazy fun.

(Photo: Yes, we played Twister! Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

All the Wiz Kids were in the building and even though they lost the game that night, you wouldn't have been able to tell by the way they were partying. I spotted Seezins of Flavor of Love... she's been at a lot of their events lately and from what I hear she wasn't on the guestlist...hmmm dating one of the players maybe?

(Photo: Who said white boys can't jump? Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

The usual groupies were in the building who I will leave unnamed. Still, the highlight of the night was Stevenson's choreographed grand entrance and special performance by Slick Rick.

(Photo: Patrice posin' in her off the sholder 80s look! Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

Overall, I give the evening an 8 and that's only because it was hella hot!
(Photo: Shakirah posing with none other than JEROME. If you don't get it, go watch an episode of Martin! Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

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