Thursday, April 10, 2008

RandomFab: Is DC considered the South?

So I was driving in my car...well not my car because it's still in the shop...but I was driving a car when Destiny's Child's "Soldier" came on. And you know how you're in the car and it sounds like  you're hitting every note and you think that you sound just like Beyonce and 'nem...?

So anyway, I was singing along when this part came on:

We like dem boys up top from the BK/
Know how to flip that money three ways/
Always ridin' big on the freeway/
(Wit that East Coast slang that us country girls we like)/
Low cut caesars wit the deep waves/
So quick to snatch up your Beyonce/
Always coming down poppin our way/
(Tellin' us that country girls the kinda girl they like)

And I wanted to I asked myself the DC considered the South? I don't know...I've always considered it mid-east because...okay sure, it's below the Mason-Dixon line but it ain't the dirty dirty. 

You tell me :)

p.s. Forgive me for my randomness...I just wanted to relate to Beyonce! :)