Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pic Recap: Happy Earth Day | Green Apple Festival

Today is Earth Day, the day to set aside to focus on preserving the planet and to do what we can to save it. 

Here is my Earth Day story: I was at the MAC counter with shopping bags in hand and I was finishing up my mall binge by buying some moisturizer. After I pay, the lady takes out the MAC bag and wants to put my one item in it. Because I'm so green, I say, "Oh no ma'am that's quite alright I can just stick that in my purse". She looks at me in kind of disgust and says, "What!?"

"I said that's quite alright. I don't need a bag. I'm trying to save the planet." I finished my sentence to discover that this woman was laughing at me, and the lady beside her joined in. The moral of the story is that one person can save the planet...one plastic bag at a time. :)

Stay green! :)

Below are pics from the Green Apple Festival  held last Sunday (4.20.08) on the National Mall:

(Photo: The rain didn't keep people from enjoying the festival)

(Photo: DC's own Mambo Sauce performed)

(Photo: Chevy Chase made an appearance)

(Photo: Actor Edward Norton addressed the audience about staying green)

(Photo: I don't like them but my coworker is obsessed; OAR performed too!)

Photo Credits: The Georgetown Voice