Friday, April 25, 2008

Mini Recap: Lebron James at The Park

So yesterday I told you that Lebron would be at The Park (920 14th St.) and he brought all of his 'friends' with him...

(Photo: Lebron looking quite swagged out inside The Park)

The Park was it's normally boughie self with everyone acting a bit too self-important and then letting it hang out a little when the drinks set in. 

Still, it was the place to be last night after the Wizards spanked Lebron's beloved Cavaliers. Trying to dull the pain of losing, the Cavs were out including Damon Jones and Ben Wallace. Also in the building were the Wiz Kids (sexy fine) Caron Butler, Andray Blatche and... 

DeShawn Stevenson. We've all heard about the tiff between Lebron and DeShawn when Lebron said that he was Jay Z and DeShawn was Soulja Boy...kinda funny actually (if you're lost, read more here). Anyway, DeShawn brought Soulja Boy to the Verizon Center yesterday...I don't know if it was to prove a point or to simply say touche but it definitely added fire inside the Center.

(Photo: Soulja Boy put on all his jelewry to help out his man DeShawn | Photo Credit: Ned Dishman - NBAE via Getty)

Okay, back to the recap...also in the building were Supersonic's Kevin Durant and of course the Redskin's Carlos Rogers and Clinton Portis.

Oh yea, and ETeezy had the skinny on the brawl that was about to break out at The Park. He writes:

However, the best part of last night was when DeShawn Stevenson and Damon Jones started jaw jacking about the series and almost got into a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION. Those dudes had to be separated by security and their friends. Afterward, all you heard was DeShawn saying, "It's on, it's on. I'll see them punks on Sunday". And Damon was cosigning Lebron saying, "That's why Bron gonna give ya'll 50".

p.s. Blocks away Brendan Haywood partied at Be Bar.