Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jade!

I just wanted to send a big, fat, fabulous Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends Jade

(Photo: DCFab! girl with Jade two years ago...[we were babies] up in Love nightclub!)

We'll be celebrating another year of her great life tonight at one of my favorite bars/restaurants Houlihans (621 E Pratt St)! Roll through to buy Jade a shot and let's hope she makes it to work on time tomorrow! :)

p.s. I had another great time in NYC...We went to Lotus (409 West 14th)...the bouncer don't take no mess... some how we stole a table...too many guys were buying us too many drinks...girls were on tables... girls fell off of tables... there was a pole...I don't know. I don't remember...or at least I'm trying hard not to lol. Find out more on NYFab!