Monday, March 31, 2008

Recap: The Gallery in Silver Spring | Cheeky Sasso

Cheeky Sasso hosted the 3rd Annual Orange & Blue Alumni Party with Jason Camp. Held at The Gallery (1115 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD) in Silver Spring, I suppose this venue provided an alternative to the more metropolitan clubs inside the District city lines. 

By the time I made it inside, it was way past 1 AM and I must have missed the fun because everybody was dumb drunk by the time I arrived. I was sad because they no longer have the cute, long stemmed silver martini glasses or maybe they save them for their daytime customers...yea, no one cares but me...

(Video note: To see my real thoughts on Ray Lewis' party, click here!)

Cheeky definitely brought a mixed crowd to the venue, where the party seemed to be poppin' off on the basement level. From seemingly hood (I say seemingly because c''s Montgomery County) to college alum, everybody seemed to be having a good time; especially the birthday party to the right...that food smelled too good. My friend Dara and I just wanted a 

Whatever they put in those drinks had everybody lifted...almost too lifted as I saw three different fights break out in front of my eyes. And although people were rolling out well before last call, the last few standing still seemed to be freakin' it on the dance floor.

I'd go again...