Monday, March 17, 2008

Recap: DT Helps Shaqwana Celebrate Her Bday at Cafe Asia

Many came out last Saturday (3.15.08) to Dt's "Grand Opening of Black Ice with a Splash of Pink" (a name I still don't understand even after the explanation from the man himself) which was really a birthday party for Shaqwana from the Russ Parr Morning Show.

After listening to Shaqwana every morning (I even listened this morning...why didn't you cut that lady off when she was yelling at Russ Parr! That was a mess...don't nobody yell at Russ Parr!) I was pleasantly surprised...the woman is gorgeous. BUT -- that dress she had on...oh no ma' was just too many colors. Still, she partied in style with other members of WKYS who were in the building, including Russ Parr in his signature white fitted and Ill Will of course who was on the mic.

I'm just glad Shaqwana showed up; a little birdie in the bathroom told me that the Promotions Director was all types of unprofessional about things... (before you even say it, don't shoot the messenger)

Still, Cafe Asia was packed out with a very diverse was very hood meets 'grown and sexy' meets 'old and not so sexy anymore'...if you get my drift. But after getting the most expensive Long Island ($14) I've never paid for, in a plastic cup no less; everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I don't know but if we could quit with the trying to hard themes and just get to partying the world would be a better place. Oh yea, props for the line not being incredibly long!

Fab! note: photo of Shaqwana taken from