Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recap: Diddy Disappoints at Love

Reviewed by Miss Aminata
DCFab! Correspondent
Sunday, March 3, 2008

Under normal circumstances I don't frequent 18 and older establishments.  However, this past Saturday "Dream Saturdays @ LOVE" was to feature our favorite TV personality/mogul/hip-hip extraordinaireDiddy.  I absolutely detest Love (1350 Okie Street NW) -- no pun intended, but I thought it was my duty to help a good friend celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday Malcolm!). 

Once again, 
Love was up to the fakery claiming the presence of a "celebrity guest".  In this case, Diddy was the much-anticipated guest who was an absolute no-show!  I swear if Love would only live up to the standards they attempt to exude I wouldn't have to do this...I mean it's sad when nobody is surprised that Diddy didn't show...SMH.  On the up side, DJ Money was a crowd pleaser playing the old school and recent Bad Boy hits!

I was also able to party with ANTM's lovely and effortlessly Fab! chick, Bianca.  Catch her in this month's 
Source Magazine.