Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Music: Devin Johnson | Something So Beautiful Mixtape

So your girl got a chance to chat with fellow future superstar Devin Johnson about his recently released mixtape "Something So Beautiful". Known around town as DJ, he's been singing since middle school, once he realized he could get girls through his voice too (SMH).

“When I started [singing] it was just something I liked to do; to entertain. In high school, I [kept] to myself but at the same I liked to be the center of attention. So that's why I did [talent] shows.”

Years later, DJ along with best friends Derric Stotts and Kevin Alexander produced his first mixtape that he’s giving away free to fans and future fans. With Lil Wayne’s mixtape as a major influence, DJ has been recording songs off and on for two years with his album (appropriately called "Undiscovered") set to release in November. DJ is ready to redefine rhythm and blues with what he calls soulful, seductive hip-hop.

DJ's favorite song is Track 11 “Make Believe” but mine is...well click here to listen and remember where you heard it first! :)

Get his mixtape here!!!!