Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Grand Opening" at Cafe Asia

The Dream Team presents "The Grand Opening of Black Ice" with a Splash of Pink . I've been trying to comprehend what this means but to no avail...Mitch, help me out.

Anyway, it goes down tonight (3.15.08) at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) and one of my favs Shaqwana from the Russ Parr Morning Show will be the hostest with the mostest. Shout out to Ill Will from WKYS!! Ra Ra "The Party Starter" will be on the mic, per usual. 

Aiight y'all I gotta go drop off these coats from The Coat Project. I've made about two trips already to homeless shelters...there's just soooo many coats; I can't even believe it.

Anyway, see ya around tonight! :)