Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SlackerFab: Love | The Gallery | Cafe Asia | Pasha

Okay folks...your girl is going to the Bahamas (shout out to 'Rickie; my jetset buddy) in like 5 hours and I really can't give y'all the rundown like I want to. BUT; the top four places to hit up this weekend are:

1. Talib Kweli will be at Love (1350 Okie St. NW) on Friday promoting his (relatively new) album Eardrum

2. The Gallery (1115 East West Highway)  in Silver Spring on Saturday -- shud be good now that the Hotboy DJ Quicksilva is on the 1s and 2s...

3. First Saturdays at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye St. NW)...this one is called "Sex Shooter"...I just don't get it...

4. Pasha is continuing the longest metaphor in DC party life with "The VIVID Trilogy". Check out the video invite here. Snaps for the hi-tech.

Okay luvs, back to packing I go...I'll miss you... :)

p.s. "I kinda' wanna be your sugar momma" <--- the joke was on me today! (inside Gchat joke)