Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recap: Chrisette Michele at the 9:30 Club

Last Thursday (2.21.08), I splurged and took myself to see one of my favorite singers (behind Brandy of course) Chrisette Michele at the 9:30 Club (815 V Street NW).

Despite her very short set (I guess the girl does only have one album) she was AMAZING. Opening with an energy-filled rendition of "Lets Rock", she followed with mellow performances of "Golden", "Best of Me", which she claimed was only for the grown folk, "Mr. Radio" and one of my favorites "Your Joy" (no pun intended). 

Ms. Michele showed off her new haircut that I don't particularly like but can't win them all. Still, her last song was a disappointment. Her most successful single, "If I Had My Way" she didn't really sing...the band played the instrumentals, the crowd sang and she hopped on the song after the bridge. Boo know that's everybody's favorite. Oh well, I guess she got sick of singing it or something...still, I wanted to hear my song live.

I guess that's why they created YouTube.