Monday, February 4, 2008

Recap: 1837M | Sayo & Friends at Penang

If you weren't there...then where were you? 

It seemed like everyone fought, scratched and crammed their way up in Esby Inc.'s party at Penang (1837 M St.) last Saturday (2.1.08). Maybe because it's Black History Month so people decided to drag themselves to one of the smaller spots in the area...with a line to the corner, walls sweating, windows open to get any trace of winter air to cool the place was (literally) the hottest party in NW.

(Photo: The line outside of Penang)

(Photo: Packed to capacity...people try to move through the crowd inside Penang)

The bar clearly wasn't ready for the open bar that Sayo and company offered. I couldn't even lean cutely over the bar to order my drink in fear that I'd knock over an already used glass. Can I get a busboy or too?!

(Photo: Sooo not fab! I couldn't even put my logo on this mess)

Anyway, I must say that if you weren't here you probably missed a good one. Although the bar was messy, they at least made a strong drink. Mad promoters came out to support Sayo and crew, including Mitch of DT, Muna with Vivid Fusion, Nate along with Talk of DC.

(Photo: Sayo of Esby Inc. with your girl, Joi-Marie)

(Photo: The cutie on the mic, Adonis with Fab! chick Felicia)

(Photo: Your girl with DJ KI....yes, I was too pumped cuz he played Brandy!)

(Photo: Just wanted to show y'all my outfit cuz I really liked it...vain I know; click the X if ya' don't like it)

Stay fab y'all!