Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm an 80s baby!!! | H20 | Cafe Asia

I guess it's something about the 80s that has many promoters channeling one of the best decades (yes, I'm biased and yes, I was born in the 80s. Shout out to 1985!) Anyway, get your rope chains, your fronts, anything neon...dig up your scrunchies (not to put in your hair but on your shirt), your Kangol and anything that's oversized or too tight and doesn't match and you're good to go for this weekend...

Stop by H20 (800 Water Street SW) tonight (2.29.08) in your get up and hope someone else shows up like that too. Trey Songz is in the area (is anyone else feeling his new song??) and DJ Alizay will be on the turntables. 

Oh yea, it's an 18 and over night so (like I always say) check the ID before you get the digits.

And, keep your 80s gear out for another 80s party at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye St. NW) on Saturday, March 1. The Dream Team decided to channel a specific year, 1988 (why not '85?!). There's no doubt that people here will be in their 80s get up so feel free to go allllllll out. Check out the commercial below (so cute!)

See Patrice? :)