Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recap: Wednesday Nights at Level 2 @ Play

K Street may have some competition on Wednesday nights as Dave & Ray, along with Ra-Ra and Scotty filled up the second floor of Play Lounge (1219 CT Ave. NW). Right on Connecticut in the midst of many other popular night spots like 1223 and Lucky Bar, if you didn't know the address, you might have missed it.

The music couldn't be heard from outside, but as soon as you reached the steps (yes, you will get a work out coming here...which may be good. You need to get it right anyway for the Summer time) you could hear the sounds of 'The Original' DJ Quicksilver.

With plenty of couches and ottomans to chill on, this seems like the perfect chill spot to get cocktails and mixed drinks after work. It was packed in there, and when I arrived at K Street many of my friends were leaving to go to Play. Interesting.

Go see for yourself!

(Photo: DJ Quicksilver spinnin' the jams)

(Photo: Dave of Dave & Ray...tell me he doesn't look like Sinbad??!)