Monday, January 21, 2008

Recap: Gorilla Zoe at H20

Last Saturday (1.19.08), if it wasn't a fight party then it wasn't a party. A lot of places were dismal to say the least but one place that was packed was good ole, H20 (800 Water St. SW)

You know they're hypersensitive since the shooting and they should be...but they're worse than Customs. First you have to go through one security guard...then 25 feet later, get checked again at the door (do they expect people to pull a shank out of their...well...I'll drop that one) and theeeen go through a metal detector. It's too much.

Needless to say, it was packed inside with eyes glued to the fight. After the fight people were pumped when Gorilla Zoe performed, promoting his album "Welcome to the Zoo". 

Oh yea, and I can't forget to mention the ghettofabulousness that was running rampant in H20. A source said it looked like a bad Ray-J music video in there, with everyone wearing those ugly Oakley sunglasses.