Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Exclusive: Stevie Williams of DGK Interview!!!!

Your girl, Joi-Marie got on the phone with professional street skateboarder, Stevie Williams to find out what makes him fabulous as well as his thoughts on the party threw in his honor at Cafe Asia last Saturday (1.5.08).

Already, I like this dude because he was giving me an interview while getting a R.I.P tattoo on his forearm. (I have five tats...betcha' didn't know that!) Moreover, I like him because of what he represents for any kid with a dream. If you've ever seen this dude on a board, you know how passionate he is about what he does.

And that's exactly what Stevie did. Growing up virtually on his own, he'll tell you that finding the very thing that saved his life wasn't easy:

Still, DCFab! is all about parties and I know you're wondering what he thought of the Skateboard Fresh party at Cafe Asia:

And just think, a year ago the bouncer wouldn't even let him in Cafe Asia. Good thing Mitch recognized him and let him in...and look what happened a year later. Lastly, you know I had to ask Stevie did he have a little bit of fabulous in him? His answer was my favorite response ever:

Well said boo!

That's all for now...it's going to be a BIG weekend in the District. Ahhh, I'm so excited. Tell ya' bout that later...

(Photo: Stevie Williams and your girl, Joi-Marie at DT's Skateboard Fresh Party)