Friday, January 11, 2008

Cedric the Entertainer at Love | Ne-Yo at H20

Yup, the rumor is true: lightskinned guys are outta' style. To prove my point, two of the flyest brownskinned brotha's are coming to the District this weekend.

If you're not out celebrating your Founders Day or a birthday or even if you are, hop over to Love (1350 Okie St. NW) for a funny night with celebrity comedian, Cedric the Entertainer. Dag, where has he been? Ever since The Steve Harvey Show stopped syndication, I haven't seen him much on the tube...

Anyway, he'll be at Love tonight (1.11.07)...


And for my ladies who love R&B like me, Ne-Yo will be at H20 (800 Water St. SW) this Saturday (1.12.08)...I mean, he has nothing better to do ever since he got kicked off/left the R.Kelly tour.

Let's just hope he wears a hat! ;)

Happy Birthday again to my bestest, Mia!! See y'all around!