Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday Nights is Poppin' | Mezza Luna | Love | Lupe Fiasco at the Avenue

Why can't I find a good Saturday night party to let y'all know about...shameful. Who does Saturday's? Mitch? Sayo? Abdul? Where the party at???

Anyway, Friday night (Dec. 21) is poppin' off all around town:

My friend Ray of Dave and Ray are hosting "Babes in Toyland" (such a cute theme...I remember that movie!) at Mezza Luna (1140 19th St. NW). A picture of the venue is below:

[Photo: K Street not Mezza Luna...thanks Anonymous ;)]


Taz, whose real name is Tesfa (I like Taz better) is throwing his birthday party with Abdul (not to be confused with Abdul Khanu, owner of H20) at Love (1350 Okie St) nightclub of course!

They even got Beanie Sigel to perform who knows what...sorry I just can't remember the last time I sang or even hummed a Beanie song! ;)


Lupe's album just about it more on BmoreFab!

Still, Mad Power Unit is bringing Lupe Fiasco to the (ghetto) Avenue (649 NY Ave. NW) on Friday night. DJ Quicksilver from WPGC will be in the building and if you get there mad early, around 10 PM there's an open bar.


I guess I'm going to Philly on Saturday (to celebrate my ls b'day!!!) cuz there ain't nothing to do here! Or if you wanna hop 30 miles north to Baltimore, see what's poppin' there!