Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Black Lawyer's do Christmas | Dream and Mario's Album Release Parties

Who said lawyer's don't have any fun...maybe when they're in school (poor Ashley, I hope your head gets outta' the books soon) but the Black Lawyer's Association is having their Annual Christmas Party on Tuesday at H20 (800 Water Street SW).

Doors open at 7 and it's free all night.


And if you like that song, "Shawty Is a Ten" then come to Level II at Steve's Bar Room (1337 CT. Ave. NW) on Wednesday, Dec. 12 for The Dream's listening party. Did y'all know The Dream was married to our old favorite R&B singer, Nivea? They're getting a divorce, sad.

Dave & Ray (shout out to Ray) are hosting this one along with many others...

With free admission all night and an open bar until 10, get there and sing along.


Baltimore's own, Mario (I have a new found respect for him ever since I saw his documentary, "I Won't Love You to Death" on MTV2.) is having his album release party at Love (1350 Okie St) on Thursday night.

Support Baltimore baby!

Weekend events coming on Thursday! ;)