Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Parties in DC!

Many people are already asking me what's going on in the District this Thanksgiving. Well...there's A LOT. No joke, so I'll give you the rundown and you can decide your location.

Unfortunately, I'll be in TN, visiting my parents! I don't see them enough so I'm happy to go down to Ca$ to a spa...what else do people do in TN?


Wednesday, Nov. 21

Swizz Beats
will be at H20 tonight for an 18+ party. Get on the guestlist here. He'll be performing hits like "Money In the Bank" and "It's Me B#&es!"

Swizzy doesn't come through often so don't miss your opportunity and like I always say for these 18+ parties, check the ID before you take her home. No, really.

And in traditional Wednesday fashion, 1223 (1223 CT Ave.) is hosting a celebration of this thankful day. They've tried to spice things up by offering a Thanksgiving buffet, including turkey, yams, stuffing and mac&cheese. They are doin' the most!


Friday, Nov. 23

After you've stuffed yourself beyond capacity you gotta' go somewhere and sweat it off. Fur (33 Patterson St. NE) is hosting, "The Black Out" in honor of Black Friday. Cute theme! And ladies get in free if sporting all black until 11 PM. But honestly, who gets to the club that early anymore?

And for someeee reason, Sayo switched his party from Wednesday to Friday to give people an excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving at Penang. (Sayo, where is that?) I'm sure it'll be a sophisticated crowd and you won't look overdone in heels or cufflinks. Oh yea, it's at 18th and M Streets.

And I can't forget to mention that T-Pain will be at Love (1350 Okie St.) tonight. You already know tickets are $20 (VIPs pay $60). I saw T-Pain live once and he was a horrible sounding mess so let's hope he's better. Perhaps he can bring his little machine to help him hit those high notes...


Sunday, Nov. 25

To close out the weekend, Fur (33 Patterson St. NE) is celebrating their three-year anniversary (CONGRATS!) with the biggest celebs. With help from Tigger and WPGC, R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole (does she live here or something?) and Ne-Yo will be in the place...


Lastly, I must give a BIG congrats to one of my best friends, Scott (of G4) for pasing the bar! You deserve it!

K, bye.