Monday, November 26, 2007

Recap: R'Kelly's Double Up Tour | 11.25.07 | Verizon Center

The streets are talking about R.Kelly's Double Up Tour. I don't even know where to start. Fans gave 'The King of R&B' good and bad reviews:

One source said he was "fantastic. He stayed on stage for twohours and 20 minutes." Wow, she counted? Another source mentioned, "he probably went so long because he booted NeYo off for his foolishness. I was kinda' disapointed NeYo wasn't there...I paid my money to see him too."

And of course I had to ask how he's looking these days. A source commented, "he came out there with a dingy white tee and some faded jeans. Can he do better than that? Annnnd his hair wasn't done."

When asked about Keyshia Cole's performance almost everyone I spoke to said she should stop trying to dance. A source wrote, "It's becoming too hard to watch. And her broke down, half-rate backup dancers don't help." Ouch! Another source simply put, "humph!" Dag, Ms. Cole...she has been looking a little ragged on the performance circuit nowadays.

Maybe DC is just sick of seeing her. She does perform in the District maybe once a week now. Stop it. Go home.

Anyway, I found some nice looking pictures of the Pied Piper...although I must say in the last picture he needs a little Carmex.

(Photos taken from:

And I can't forget to mention that in other R.Kelly news, his publicist of 14 years, Regina Daniels dropped him as a client. She claims that R.Kelly acted "inappropriately"...hmmm...sounds like sexual harrasment to me.