Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NYFab! Coming Soon

I'm on a road trip to NYC (one of my favorite cities in the US) and I finally have some free time. I'm actually on business but staying with my sister/soror/cousin/best-friend, Mia. After Sylvia's (328 Lenox Ave.) bombin' smothered pork chops last night we passed out!

I'm getting ready for my big panel discussion tonight but found some time to tell you where I'll be this weekend:

Of course there's plenty to do in NY but one of my favorite establishments is Fashion 40 (202 West 40th), right in the middle of Times Square. This place is fit for people with a J-O-B. Everyone comes in after-work attire (complete with slippery Earls and cufflinks) and with 2 for 1 martini's, I really can't resist:

The happy hours are good at Fashion 40 but you gotta' go to Strata (21st and Bway) on Friday night! I've never had a bad time here and there's always a familiar face in the place, whether it be someone you went to school with or a D-list celeb!

NYFab! is coming soon...straight to you by my lovely of lovlies, Mia. I can't tell you what she does for a living because I may get shot. Let's just say: tv, celebs and popped bottles!

See ya when I return to the District! Don't miss me too much.

p.s. Oh yea, did anyone else find it interesting that the Kool Kidz felt the need to circulate a dress code for their parties? I suppose it's neccesary for the kind of party they're trying to throw in (ghetto a$$) Baltimore (since people in Bmore still think it's okay to party in wife beaters and Nike's).

Still, I hope that works should, everybody wants to be fabulous!