Monday, October 8, 2007

22nd Birthday Edition: MSU Homecoming!

This Saturday is my 22nd birthday and I'll be celebrating all week. With my bestest friends flying in, my sister shipping me party dresses (she spoils me) and bottles waitin' to be popped...there's no use in calling me this week. I'll call you, I'm turning 22!!!!

But of course, my birthday isn't the only thing going on this week. October is the month of homecoming's and Morgan State (Go Bears!) and Towson State (Go Tigers!) are both celebrating theirs.

If you're not scared of trekking to Baltimore, here's whats going on:

Wed. October 10, 2007

MSU Homecoming events start early in the week but the ones that I'm interested in start on Wednesday. The FAM Fashion Show starts at 7 PM in the Calvin & Tina Tyler Ballroom in the University Student Center. If you don't know where that is, call you favorite Morgan student.

The after party will be at some place called Serenade (5622 Bell Grove Rd). It sounds like it's on the East side, so take your shank.

Still, The Union with The Flyy Society are doin' a lot...they have sand outdoors (to create a beach) with a heater in case it gets cold at night...they're offering private tent rentals on the "beach"...indoor dance floors...$5 for ladies before 11 PM...5 different DJ's and shuttle services from Morgan and Towson. Looks like it's gonna be a big deal...

Thurs. October 11, 2007

And you thought The Fly Society would be tired after Wed. night but they're coming back at you, bringing the official MSU Homecoming Concert after party at Xanadu (10 S. Calvert St).

I haven't been to Xanadu since my cousin's 30th birthday but this place is so nice, especially if you're buying a table. Pre-game is a must because drinks here range from $9-$13. I don't know about you but when I was a poor college student I couldn't do that...
Oh yea, this place is classy so pull out the button down and the Freekum.

Friday, October 12, 2007

And if you're saying, "Joi. I really don't care what's going on in Baltimore, this is DCFab for goodness sakes, what's going on in DC?!?!?!" I'd say to you, "calm down shor'..."

On the third floor of Love, Trewell plus DBT are throwing a Black and White party...I'm not sure why, this theme is booty, meaning I dislike it but I'll stop hatin' long enough to say that if you don't wanna dress in B&W, Shades of Brown models are having a party in the Penthouse at Love (1350 Okie St).

UPDATED: I hear Juelz and Jim Jones will be there...

Somebody liked the Kanye album...

Xanadu is back at it on Friday with RS Entertainment (our favorite Alphas and Kappas). Both floors will be open with an OPEN BAR from 6 PM - 9 PM.

I say you get tipsy at Xanadu and hop over to Redwood.


Okay so everybody liked the Kanye album...

My favorites (Kool Kidz) are bringing Redwood Trust (2000 E. Redwood St) back to Baltimore on Friday, giving RS Ent. some competition. With Mr. Morgan in the house, my fav DJ; DJ Lil Mic' and promises of ball players in the building, I'm sure this is where the groupies will be...

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007


Still, MSU continues their homecoming at Gardels (29 S. Front St), which is this really cool restaurant that has a nice dance floor on the second floor. I'm not sure where Bobby V. will be performing, but it'll be interesting to see...I wonder if anybody bought his album. Oh yea, Gloria V. will also be makin' an appearance (she sure is milking the party circuit...first 1223 now here!)

Shout out to my sandz, Godlove...he's been promoting TOO hard with this one.
UPDATED: They are doing too much at Gardels...if you purchase VIP you get free valet, coat check, buffet, front row to hear Bobby V and a picture with him...I dunno how they did it but they're doin' it for y'all...Jay, how much these tickets cost??? (Oh yea, Jay don't forget you promised me a bottle for my b'day lol)

Aight y'all...I'm sure they'll be more and updates on this past weekend coming soon.

I'm on cloud 22...I think y'all know why!