Thursday, September 6, 2007

What a weekend to go out...

Hot Fun in the City!

There's a lot going on in D.C. this weekend and the party starts early. The Saints v. Colts Kickoff game comes on tonight (Did I tell you my girl KEYSHIA COLE is singing the national anthem! I'll be watching!!!)...

Ozio's wants you to watch the game there. If you get bored you could always go to the strip club right beside it...Ronnie had too much fun there last week. (hmm)


Sexy Marc Barnes finally made a flyer for the HU v. HU after party at Love. Cute concept, cute man!


So I don't know how Ibiza (1222 First Street, NE ...down the street from raggedy Fur Nightclub) got anyone from UMD to promote this club...but they did! They club is actually HUGE! I think three floors with glass dancefloors so you can look up the girls skirts...some very cool lighting and an amazing rooftop lounge/bar. Too bad it was raining when I went but that didn't stop me. You should go but don't get lost inside.


These are the cutest flyers I've seen in a very long time from Republic Gardens. It's a Kanye West listening party TONIGHT. The party is co-hosted by the Alpha Iota chapter of APhiA (UMD Alpha's). G'job Eric and 'nem!


And in more important news, Former First Lady of DC, Effi Barry (Marion Barry's wife) died this morning around 4:30 AM in Anne Arundel County. She was 62. She will be missed.

Stay out but stay informed. Cya aroundddd!