Monday, August 20, 2007

Recess is Over!

Play the Party Recap!!!

The G&S Crowd was more grown than sexy and the DJ was pumpin' (altho' he switched tracks too fast...he didn't even let the beat drop!) Drinks were expensive but we knew that...all-in-all PlaytheParty was not bad! Sayo looked stress...but there was no line at the door (check!), the people were lookin' good (check!) and I saw some fan favorites (check). My greeks from Morgan was reppin' Bmore and it seemed like everyone was havin' a good time...

I give Sayo's PlaytheParty a solid B. Go next time and judge for yourself.


Idk but someone tells me that next Saturday their might be a promotor war...Cafe Asia v. Mai Thai! Where will you be when the gloves come out?


So after talking with one of my sources, he told me that if I critique parties that some promoters won't let me in their he serious? I guess I'll find out...I was kinda' discouraged for like an hour. But my best friend Mia helped me realize that fear is bullsh!t. So...yea.


Me at Love on Friday..."I got my drink and my two step!"

"Oh! I think they like me"

Aight y'all...until next weekend!

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