Thursday, August 16, 2007

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The Cool Kids

(Celebrities and more)

So I know this is a month late but whatever, fabulousness doesn't go out of style. The cool kids were out on the town last month to welcome the Beckham's to America. I heard the invitations were tacky.

Melo decided to spend time with LaLa. That's nice.

He is so sexy...and I watched Smokin' Aces last night again...just turned me on.

Everyone looks nice at first glance but please take a look at the tennis shoes with the shiny suit. I'm sorry Will. It's not working. And that monstrosity on a wig that Victoria has on gets a "oh hell naw"!

She looks more fab everytime I see her. (Altho' for real everyone has that hair cut!)

Just plain gorgeous.

She stay totin' him around. Who's the white chick?


Wesley...where you been?

Hot.Mess.Steaming hot mess. And anyone who knows me knoooows that I love me some Queen Bee. But she's looking more and more like Micheal J.

Word on the Yard

Apparently, The Hills on MTV had 3.6 million viewers for it's season premier earlier this week. Word on the yard is that the ring Heidi recieved from her short-time boyfriend Spencer was a fake! He supposedly purchased the ring at a store called Ice Accesory. While seemingly best bud Brody Jenner claims the ring cost over $2,000 (Spencer was dogging him on a LA radio show the other week...backstabbers! "Baccckkkstabbers, they smilin' in your face!") Anyway, the Ice website retails the ring on sale right now for a whopping $250. I wish my man would...Heidi boo, you may need to check him.

p.s. why is this chick makin' music? This show just got 25% more phony!

She don't sound half bad. But like Mia said, "wth is Spencer rapping for???" Stop the madness.


Sean Kingston will be opening for Gwen Stefani. Is his single really that hot? I guess so...


Kanye's on the cover of Complex magazine. And the brother really is complex....I'm glad he's not pumping up the music war between him and 50. (Both of their album's are coming out on Sept.11)

His arrogance is appealing.
Shout out to Rida who loves him!

Night Classes

(Wanna know what's going on in the DC/MD/VA uuuurea?!)

Everyone's always asking me what's going on tonight, this weekend and what not. So here it is...all the fabulous parties I know of.

1. I must shout out Eden's Lounge on Eager Street in Baltimore, where the young professionals go to be fab. Gary Gray is really doin' his thing. 2 for 1 drink specials during happy hour, great music...and DJ Tanz came out after 9 PM. $5 for ladies.

2. This is a hot site that tells you where to party in Bmore:

3. Looks like fun:

4. I'll be here tonight, Ozio's! Come party with the grown and fab!

5. The 16th Annual Stone Soul Picnic will be going down this Saturday, Aug. 18 in Druid Hill Park from noon-8 PM. The line up includes:

Mario (who I'm mad at b/c I saw him downtown at the Inner Harbor and he didn't speak after I said hi, rude)

J. Holiday (I love his song!)



7 Sons of Soul

Devon Howard

Jagged Edge (their new single sucks...)

Emily King (I'm loving her new song with B.I.G.)

6. Oh yea, my girl is coming to LOVE in DC this Friday. I'll see you then Keyshia Cole!!!

7. DELT'NIC is in Riverbank State Park this Saturday, Aug. 18 in NYC, for those Greeks and non-Greeks in that urea. 12 PM- 6 PM

Class dismissed! Stay fab. Until next time...